Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vacation in Mineapolis

We drove about 7 hours and had the most amazing vacation in Minnesota. We stayed at the Mariott and drove the next day for about 2 hours away to Lake Superior, Duluth.  This is the largest freshwater lake. It was such an exciting trip driving up to the Lake.  We were not dressed for the weather as we thought it would not be so cold but to our amazement it was freezing cold in June.  Well, I guess the winds blowing from the lake made it even worst but it was so awesome to hear the waves hitting by the rocks that were lined up by the sides of the lake.   We had our lunch at Grandma's Restaurant, referred by locals there.  We walked around and visited the Freshwater Aquarium, Museums and Galleries.  This was surely an exciting trip that we will be visiting again.

Beautiful waves at the back...

After spending about 5 hours there, we headed back to another well known attraction in Mineapolis, The Mall of America. My kids were definitely fascinated by the first thing they laid their eyes on......Nickelodeon Universe.  Yes, they played and rode all the rides the entire evening....and wanted to go back for more the next day.  I had so much of fun window shopping.  

Now.....time for planning the next vacation.

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