Sunday, December 20, 2015

Steam Salmon with steam vegetables

Lunch today was pretty simple to prepare but it was so good.  The ingredients are minimal probably you would already have those in the pantry somewhere.  I usually never use fish sauce that much until recently that I started using it whenever I make steam fish or chicken.  You actually do not use as much salt whenever you use the fish sauce.


Salmon Fillets
Fresh ginger, cut into strips
Fish sauce
White pepper
Sesame oil

Vegetables I used Zuchini and cauliflower ( any vegetables will be great)


Fill a steamer with water and let it come to boil.  Meanwhile cut the vege and season with little fish sauce and steam for couple of minutes.  Dish out.

Put the fish into a dish and drizzle the fish sauce, sesame oil.  Sprinkle with white pepper and layer with the ginger and scallion on top.  Steam.  I just let it steam for probably 10 min.  Serve with steam vegetables.

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