Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Yesterday was my son's 17th birthday.  Since he loves chocolate cake, I thought of making him a chocolate cake.  But in his wildest dream he would not have thought his mom would have added beetroot in the cake. Shhhh, lucky he does not read my blog.  I had this extra can of beetroot. What I did was crushed the canned beet's in a blender and added it to the cake batter.  At first the smell of the beet's was really strong and I was afraid he might know but after baking, you will be surprised that there is no smell or taste of the beet.  The beet's actually made the cake moist and very very chocolaty and decadent.

The best part of this cake, is that its super easy.  Just whisk with a wire whisk and pour into a cake pan. Bake and frost.  Thats it...:)

A very close view of this special cake which from now on is my ultimate favorite next to the Guiness Stout Cake


  1. I once tried a chocolate beetroot cake, but it came out rather awful :/ But yours sure looks good - definitely giving it another go!

  2. Thank you and you should definitely try this version. Its so easy and tastes really good.