Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vegetable puff

Got this recipe for the filling from a dear friend who is in Colorado. This is so easy since it uses only the puff pastry but I just made a slight mistake by purchasing the phyllo pastry sheets but oh well.....the filling is superb.  This recipe is a keeper.


1 puff pastry
1 cabbage leave ( torn in big pieces)
1 potato ( cut into half)
1 carrot ( cubed)
6 beans ( cut into 6)
ginger garlic paste
onion, little mustard seed and plain chili powder

Put all the vegetables in a pressure cooker and cook till 5 whistle.  Drain out the water.
In a pan, saute in a little oil, mustard seed, onion, ginger garlic paste, and the chili powder. Add in the cooked vegetable, taste for salt and add little bit of sugar.
Take out and let it cool.  Thaw the pastry sheet, cut into 9 squares, put little filling and fold over. Bake as stated on the box.

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