Thursday, November 11, 2010


It has been a crazy weekend with Deepavali celebration and also school. I was not able to cook since I was too tired from all the running around last weekend but today gonna try making one of the famous hawker food that I love to eat. Its made with roti canai/popiah pastry and wrapped with meat filling and egg. It can be eaten with meat curry or onion pickle.Murtabak is Malaysian traditional kuih(for appetizer or dessert food).  This delicious murtabak can be eaten for breakfast or dinner. Murtabak can use chicken or beef as filling. The meat is cooked with spices and then mixed with egg before spreading it onto the murtabak skin. The traditional way of making murtabak is to wrap the  filling with homemade roti canai.

Since I am not good at making my own homemade roti canai, I need to find the substitute for this delicious murtabak skin. I am  using the popiah skin as the wrapper. Other name for this skin is lumpia as shown in the picture below or you can get the frozen roti canai at the asian grocery store.

Murtabak with onion pickle

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