Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prawn Fritter and Rainbow Jelly

It seems I am going on a food race, well that is not too bad since I just love baking and cooking.  I attempted to overcome my utmost fear in making jelly/agar agar.  I just cant seem to get the right measurement. It always turns out too soft or hard but thank to My Kitchen Snipets website, I managed to make a beautiful rainbow jelly.  Wow, am I so proud of myself.  Also made prawn fritter, which is actually made out of flour, spring onion, b.powder, tempura flour, water and topped with prawns with shell on. Another achievement today.  Eventhough I feel so tired but whenever I look at the food that I have made, its gives me a sense of pleasure and fullness.

Prawn Fritter
Rainbow Jelly

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