Friday, October 29, 2010

Coconut Chiffon Cake

Started the day with a parent teacher conference for my son, Sash.  All went well, thank the mighty Lord. It was always a big thing in the family when we have a parent teacher conference day.  Well, it did not end at that, infact I had my first facial cleaning done after almost many years at a friends spa, Alysim Spa.  It was like I was in the torture bed (like the one you see in the movie "SAW") tears was rolling down my eyes when she was poking and picking out all the blackheads.  Well, I can see that I look years younger

Okay, after the long day out, I just could not sit still at home so I decided to make my 2nd try on chiffon cake.  Well, what do u turned out marvelous and super spongy and soft.  I just could not believe that I am starting to make the one thing that I feared most.....CHIFFON CAKES !  Tomorrow is going to be another big day for me. Going to start making some cookies for Deepavali ( Indian Festival). Trying to watch Deuce Bigalow and surf the net, wow me..! Catch up tomorrow...

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