Monday, July 30, 2012

Green Tea Chiffon

Are you a tea lover especially green tea ? Then you will surely have to try this chiffon cake.  I am not a green tea fan but after making this cake, I have actually changed my mind.  The cake itself is delicate and soft on the top and when you get to the last bite, the green tea takes on a different taste.

I have no special recipe for this.  Made the usual vanilla chiffon with some green tea mix.


  1. I am a regular green tea person and past 2 years have only been drinking green tea. My wife hates green tea. This is a good way of using all the benefits of green tea by mixing it with chiffon cakes. Even kids can have green tea in this form. They will surely love it!!

  2. Yes, indeed it is a good idea. Neither of my kids knew it was green tea and they loved the cake :)