Sunday, August 26, 2018

Quinoa greek salad

Today I made a super healthy salad with Quinoa.  I really love the nuttiness of this grain and paired with vegetable and lemon...its out of this world.


1/2 cup of Quinoa ( wash in a small strainer)
1  cup water

Let this come to a boil and slow down the heat to simmer.  Cover the lid and cook till all the water had evaporated and the grain has a white ring around it. Fluff it up and set aside.


Cucumber         - diced
Baby tomatoes  - cut in half
Bell pepper       - diced
Onion                - diced
Garlic                - chopped
Parsley              - chopped
Feta cheese        - crumbled

The dressing I used a pear and cranberry balsamic vinegar and squeezed half a lemon but you can actually use any kind of dressing preferred.

Let the flavors develop for at least 2 hours.

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